We offer a broad range of investment funds to help investors accumulate wealth and at the same time fulfill estate planning need, provide creditor protection, dealth and maturity guarantees. If is an investment solution with the added benefit of weath protections.

Wealth Succession
Looking to pass along your assets to your loved ones?  Unlike mutual funds, segregated funds allow you to designate beneficiary and your assets will bypass probate, saving you unnecessary time and cost.
Start Small, Finish Big
Start investing with as little as $50 per month.  A broad selection of investment funds to choose from, ranging from money market fund (low risk) to international equity fund (medium-high risk).
Eligible Accounts
RRSP, LIRA, RRIF, RESP, and Non-Registered Accounts.
Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
An RESP is a savings vehicle designed to encourage parents to save for their child's education expenses. The assets within the RESP grow tax-free until the beneficiary withdraw them in the form of Eduction Assisstrance
Payment (EAP).  The CESG is a special incentive offered by the government to encourage parents to save for their child's education.  Each year, CESG provides 20% of RESP contributions up to a maximum of $2,500.  In other words, a maximum of $500 CESG can be added to an RESP each year.  Additional CESG may be eligible based on family income.  The lifetime CESG amount a child can receive is $7,200.
Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
A TFSA is a tax-free savings vehicle that allows your investments grow free of tax, subject to contribution limits.  The annaul limit for 2020 is $6,000 and lifetime limit is $69,500.  TFSA can be invested in a variety of products and vehicles such as GICs, investment funds, ETFs, and stocks.  Any investment income such as capital gain, dividends, and interests are generally not taxable within TFSA, allowing your investments to grow faster than a typical investment account.

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